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Cutting straight to the chase with aerial photos.....
.....this pretty much describes our approach to taking aerial images

Our bird is quiet, almost soundless, as it hovers over the14

earth, powered by an electric motor. With its light weight

and compact dimensions, its flight resembles that  of a

hummingbird. It can be used to take aerial photos from lots of interesting newangles at an altitude of up to 150 metres.


Our drone flies in areas that are inaccessible to larger and more expensive alternatives, such as helicopters and aeroplanes. We can work with greater precision and a higher resolution.


Our drone gets closer but is less costly and

time-consuming. With the help of video glasses and the mobile ground station, both we and you, the customer, can view the camera image as we take the aerial photos . And all this happens in real time.


You can use our technology for both business and private applications. Take a look at our gallery and be inspired.


Perhaps your views will also lift off with us soon.


Your Helipro GmbH Aerial Photos Team